School Sports Teams

When a school has a sports team, chances are, they will need to travel to other schools during the course of the season. In this case, it is very helpful to have a vinyl banner that can easily be transported and reused. Here is an example of how a sports team could utilize a large vinyl banner, from design to display.

This banner will be used to promote the school's basketball team. This gives the designer the beginning formation to select designs for the banner, lettering and the colors that will be used. The schools' color scheme should be used on the banner, and should match the team uniforms. This basketball team has uniforms that are green and yellow, so the designer should use these two colors as the main hinges of the design.

The background for this banner will be in green, and the main lettering will be in yellow. This is a good example of how contrasting colors can be used on a banner to create a message that is easy to read, but also eye-catching. The designs that will be used will be in yellow and white, and any additional text will also be in white.

Since this is a basketball team, the designer can select graphics that reflect this sport to be used on the banner. These can go on the sides of the banner, flanking the team's name, which will be in the center. Overuse of these graphics should be avoided. Otherwise, the sign will look crowded and the graphics will overwhelm the main message of the banner.

This team has been the state champions for the past seven years. Since this banner will be used until this changes, a general message is selected. This will allow the team to reuse the banner, without having to purchase a new one each year. The message "State Champions" will be displayed in white text, as mentioned earlier, and will be placed above the team's name on the banner.

Now that the design process is complete, the banner can be ordered. In the meantime, the location for the banner can be decided upon. This will be a traveling banner that will be used not only at the school when the team plays at home, but also when they go on the road. The banner will need to be hung in a way that makes it easy to remove and install elsewhere.

This means that a sturdy rope and brackets should be used to display the banner. The rope can be threaded through the grommets that are located on the top of the banner, and then attached to the brackets. If necessary, temporary poles can be used to display the banner when a facility does not offer the ability to attach brackets to a strong surface.

At the end of the season, the banner will be displayed in the gym until the following year. At this time, the school can decide whether to attach the banner using the method described above, or they can use a more permanent solution, such as drilling holes in the wall and attaching the banner using screws and washers to the surface.