Seasonal Banners in Action

If you are interested in implementing seasonal banners for your company or store, but you're stuck for ideas, here is an example of how a company could use this type of banner for promotional needs. Seasonal banners are typically quite fun to design and create an element of whimsy that can attract more customers.

Our example company sells ice cream and frozen delicacies. The primary months for top sales are, of course, the summer months. This means that they will select the summer season to integrate this theme with their current advertising methods.

First, they will need to pick a background color for their sign. This color should be vibrant and tie in with the season. For this particular sign, they select sky blue. The color reflects the sunny skies of summer and will mesh well with many different color choices. For their text color, the company has selected black for their main text elements and yellow for accent text.

Now, the company needs to move on to the graphic selection stage. It is important to consider the emotional reasons that cause your customers to purchase your product. Our example company sells ice cream, so they will be using graphics of hot sun, sand and swimming pools. These graphics make a customer feel warm, and trigger the desire for something cool.

These graphics will be tied in with an actual picture of a premier ice cream cone from the company. This graphic will be large, crisp and showcase the cone. The supporting graphics, mentioned above, will be strategically positioned throughout the sign.

The text announcing a special price on this particular cone will be displayed at the top of the main graphic. It is important not to obscure the picture of the cone, since that is the main design element of the sign. If you have an element in the center that is not integral, you may be able to place text over it. In this case, however, the company wants the viewer to focus on the cone.

Extra text will go at the bottom of the sign, using the accent color of yellow. This text will be used to announce other items that are for sale and the length of time that the cone will be priced at a special rate. This information is important to include on a sign, particularly if a sale is time limited.

Now that the sign has been designed, it is time to figure out where to display the new creation. Since it is a vinyl banner, this means that the company will be able to display it outside. They select the sidewalk in front of their business, using a special display stand for their sign.

This stand has a steady base and a frame in which the banner will be inserted. If you wanted to display a larger banner for this type of sale, you could also hang it across the front of your business, or in a display window.