Special Events Banners

To assist you in coming up with a banner design for your company, we have provided a hypothetical sketch of how a company could use a banner to promote a special event. This example will illustrate each step of the design and implementation process. Once you have completed this article, you should be prepared to come up with your own ideas on how you can use a banner for your own special event.

This example company is preparing for a grand opening of a new location. This new store is located in a crowded business district on the main street of a medium sized town. It is important to attract as much attention to this event as possible, since there are several competitors in the area.

First, the color of the banner will need to be selected. Since attention is the primary goal of the banner, a background color of a vibrant yellow will be used. This will immediately draw attention to the business and help the banner stand out from the color of the building and the surrounding structures.

The text that will be used is dark red and dark blue. These colors will easily jump off of the banner, making the text easy to read. The font will be a large, bold font that is simple, and unadorned. When designing this type of banner, it is important to stay away from overly ornate lettering. The message should be simple and clear, without forcing the reader to decipher strange lettering.

Now that the colors have been selected, the design process can begin. The main text of the banner will be in dark blue, as mentioned previously. This text will then be outlined in red to draw attention to the lettering. Simple accents such as a starburst will be used in the corners of the banner to serve as visual guides to lead the viewer to the text.

No actual graphics will be used on the banner besides the side flourishes, since it is serving as a simple announcement. The text will be allowed to speak for the banner and extra graphics are not necessary. Flourishes are a great way to add more visual appeal to a banner without taking away from the actual text.

The message that will be displayed is "Grand Opening." Underneath this text will be a message that all of the items in the store are 10% off in celebration of this event. This banner will be prominently displayed outside of the store, by hanging it above the entrance.

Once this large banner has been designed, a smaller banner will be designed that is a replica of the main banner. This banner will be used inside the store to further impress the point upon people who enter the store that there is something exciting going on. Since the original design was simple, it is easier to replicate it on a smaller scale.

The simplicity of these banners means that they can then be reused if the business decides to open another location.