Banners for a Sporting Goods Store

Specialty stores can benefit greatly through the use of product specific banners. Since the majority of customers who visit this type of store are there for a specific purpose or product, a product specific banner can attract new customers who may not be aware of the store or what it sells.

In this example, we will show how a sporting goods store can use a product specific banner to increase their customer base and their sales. This example will highlight the entire process from design to installation.

This sporting goods store sells items ranging from specific sports gear to athletic apparel. They are planning on holding a sale to advertise their newest product. This product is a brand name running shoe that is very popular with teens. This existing popularity base will need to be considered during the design process. Since the store has competitors nearby who sell many other different products, the store will need to design a banner that can attract a lot of attention, particularly in their key demographic.

The first consideration is the brand name itself. Since this is a popular brand, the name should be prominently displayed in the banner. For example, "Brand X Running Shoes - 30% Off," would be an effective way of combining sale information with brand name information. This will also attract customers who may like these shoes, but may not be able to afford them at full price.

An actual picture of the running shoe should be used on the banner. This will help the store take advantage of not only the brand name, but the distinctive style of the shoe. If people do not read the text message, they will likely see the picture of the shoe which will prompt them to continue reading the banner. This is a great way to attract busy consumers who would otherwise miss your message.

The color scheme of the banner should be vibrant and in colors that are popular with teens. For example, a banner with a black background and lime green text would be more likely to attract the key demographic for this shoe than a pastel colored banner. By using bright colors, the store can attract the eyes of customers before they even notice the actual contents of the banner.

These elements should be combined around the main anchor of the banner, the sale text. The picture of the item should also be prominently placed to attract the most attention. In this case, the store has decided to display a large picture of the shoe in the left side of the banner, with the text to be displayed in remainder of the banner. This allows both elements to enjoy enough space on the banner to appeal to both people who are attracted to pictures and text.

The banner should be displayed in an area that will attract the most attention. This store has decided to hang the banner across the front window of their store. This will allow both street and pedestrian traffic the chance to see the banner and give the store more exposure to help them beat their competition.