The Conference Winners

When a sports team wins a conference title, it is important for the team to promote their achievement. This promotion can mean attracting more fans and increasing team morale and pride. If your team has recently won a conference or a season title, you may want to think about designing a banner for the occasion.

This type of banner can be used for more than one use. If the team does not currently have a banner, it can be designed to promote both the team's name and their accomplishment. Here is a sample of how a sports team can design a banner for this dual purpose.

This example soccer team has one their first ever conference title. The team is made up of several local children and many fans turn out for their games. In order to let their fans know that they won this title, the team has decided to design a banner. This banner will also contain the name of their team to cut down on expense.

Since the team wants to be able to use the banner for as long as possible, the message that it will be display will be as general as possible. They don't know if next year will bring another win, so for now, they have decided to mention only this year's conference win. This text will be located above the team's name, in the center of the banner.

The name of the team will be in a larger font, but not so big that it will detract from the message about the conference win. In this way, the banner can serve a dual purpose without overshadowing either component of the sign.

The team's colors are blue and green, a combination that won't work well on a banner. Blue text can be hard to read on a green background and vice versa. So, the team has decided to use the green on their uniforms for the background for their banner.

The text color will be in white so that it will contrast against the background, making it easier to see. The blue color will be brought in using graphics that are related to the sport. In this way, the team can still use their team colors while creating a sign that is visually attractive and readable.

This team has a sponsor, and they have requested inclusion on the team's banner. The sponsor's logo will appear on the right side of the banner, and the text of the company's name will go below this graphic. Since it is important to have this message stick out, the color yellow will be used. Yellow also contrasts with green, providing a nice visual separation.

Now that all of the elements are complete and the sign has been assembled on the computer, the team will be able to see what their sign will look like. Once everyone is happy with the design, the order can be placed and the team can begin promoting their conference win as soon as it arrives. Since this banner is vinyl, it can easily be carried with them on the road and stored until it is used again.