Street Pole Banners

If you do not have the space for a boulevard banner, a street pole banner is a great way to advertise an upcoming event. This type of banner is generally a small rectangle, which is taller than it is wide. It is normally attached to a street pole or light pole along the avenue or road in front of your business. Once again, you may need to check with your city officials to make sure that you have permission to hang this type of banner.

Street pole banners work well when several are used. This way, you can create a breadcrumb effect that will lead potential customers to your business. You can create several identical banners that display the same message, hanging them at intervals along the way to your business.

If you want to use a different technique, you can design several different banners that will work together to get your message across.

Let's take a look at some considerations if you decide to use identical banners. This banner should contain at least one graphic to attract the most attention. The graphic should be in full color and display something that is integral to your sale. For example, if you are selling shirts, a picture of this shirt, with supporting sale information would work well.

The colors should be vibrant and stand out from their background and their surroundings. This can assist your sign in getting noticed more quickly. In addition, you should carefully consider the locations where you will hang your banner. No matter if you have similar or different signs, they will need to be located in areas that receive the most traffic.

For example, if one side of the street is more heavily trafficked than the other, it is a good idea to use this side to display your banners. If possible, they should be visible both from the sidewalk and the street, and easy to read by both pedestrians and motorists.

If you plan to use several street banners to display your message, here is an interesting technique. With the first banner, display the first part of your marketing message. The next banner should continue this message, and the next, until the person ends up in front of your business. This is a great way to attract attention for your business.

If you do use this technique, a unified design is essential. This will let people know that each banner "belongs" to your company and as a whole, they will make more sense. If possible, using two sided banners, or two one-sided banners hung together back-to-back, will help you maximize your campaign.

Either promotional method will assist you in attracting new customers. It is a good idea to include any pertinent information, such as your address or the length of the sale on your banner, to let people know that it is time sensitive. This will increase your chances of getting customers in the door right away, instead of putting it off until later.