Street Pole and Boulevard Banners in Action

If you have been stuck on ideas on how to use a street pole or boulevard banner, here is an example of these banners in action. We will present two situations where each type of banner could be utilized to market an event.

Street Pole Banners

A clothing store has an upcoming year-end sale. It is important for them to move as much stock as possible to make room for incoming spring merchandise. In order to create more notice for their event, they have decided to use street pole banners. First, the business contacts their city officials to make sure that they will be allowed to use this method of advertisement. After receiving permission, they move on to the design phase.

This type of banner will need to be colorful and will need to prominently display the percentage for the clearance sale. This is a 75% off event that is specifically selling winter clothing. Pictures of coats, sweaters and other winter apparel will be included in different locations on the banner, surrounding the text message.

At the center of the banner, the 75% message will be displayed. The surrounding pictures replace the need to use extra text to explain the sale. It is obvious to the viewer that the sale is for winter clothing.

The top of the banner will contain the name of the store, and the bottom of the banner will include the store's address. Once the banner has been designed and ordered, it is now time for the business to get ready to display their banners. Several banners have been ordered and will be placed on both sides of the street for their location. The street pole banners will be supported by a large banner hanging in front of the store. This banner will match the smaller banners to increase visual recognition.

Boulevard Banners

A local tavern is sponsoring a street dance. In order to get as many people to attend the event as possible, they have decided to utilize boulevard banners. Two banners will be ordered and will be displayed at the start and end of the block.

The banner will need to be colorful, so the tavern selects a vibrant yellow background with black text. Two graphics will be used, on either side of the text in the center of the banner. These graphics will illustrate the event, using a food graphic on one side and a music graphic on the other.

The main text message will be in large text at the center of the banner, with the time and date of the dance included as well. Smaller, supporting marketing messages will be placed diagonally on each end of the banner to create more visual interest in the banner. A sponsored by message will be placed above the main text, at the center of the banner.