The Big Sale

Large banners are a great way to advertise big events. They come in a variety of sizes and in many cases, you can even order a custom sized banner that is enormous. If you have a big event coming up, but you're not sure how you can use a large banner to promote it, here is an example. This example will show how a company can design and use a large banner to promote a big upcoming sale in their store.

This store is a located in a very large building and sells many different types of items. Their stock ranges from everything from apparel to sporting goods. A big sales event is coming up where all of their winter clearance items will be marked down 75% and the store needs to make sure that this sale is well advertised. Since new spring stock will be coming in, it is vital for this store to make room for these items.

To accomplish the task of promoting this big event, the store has decided to use many different types of advertising. Print ads will be used, as well as local radio and television advertising. In addition, a large banner will be hung in front of the store to attract even more people to the event.

In this type of situation, it is very important to coordinate the advertising efforts. The banner will need to reflect what is being promoted in the other ads to create a unifying theme. This will prevent customer confusion and serve as a way to reinforce the marketing message that was used in the other ads.

This sign will be approximately thirty feet in length. This gives the designer plenty of room to display all of the pertinent information for the sale. Since this sign will need to attract a lot of attention, special care must be given to selecting the colors that will be used.

Attention getting colors are typically reds, yellows and oranges. Neon colors are also widely used, but limit the colors of text that can be added to the sign. For this banner, the company has decided to use a hot neon blue that will stand out from the building and the other surrounding stores. White text will be used since this color is easily visible on the blue background from several different angles and in different lighting conditions.

The phrase "Last Chance Sale - Everything Must Go" is the anchor text and will be displayed prominently in the center. This text should be in a very large font that takes up most of the area of the banner. Supporting text can be smaller in size and located on the diagonal, or in the corners. The amount of the sale, "75% Off" will be displayed on either side of this anchor message.

Small graphics that are related to winter apparel, sporting items and other goods will be used to further illustrate the sale. These graphics will be displayed in a vibrant yellow that contrasts nicely with the blue background. They will be arranged in various locations around the anchor text.