The Closeout Sale

A closeout sale is an important event for many companies. This is the time that all of the old merchandise needs to be moved out to make room for new items. If you don't effectively promote these items, you may either be stuck with them, or be forced to lose money by moving them off to a discount outlet.

To avoid this problem, it is important to effectively advertise your special close out event. This can easily be accomplished through the use of vinyl banners and vinyl lettering. This example will show how a store can easily use several different signs to promote their closeout sale.

Let's focus on the large vinyl banner that will be hung outside to promote the sale first. This banner is the hinge upon which the entire promotional effort will turn. Other signs will be based on this original design and the vinyl lettering that will be displayed in the front window will be used to reinforce this message.

This sign will need to be large and effectively attract the attention of people passing by the store. Since the store is located on a busy street, the banner will be hung where it can be easily seen from the road and from several different angles in the nearby vicinity. The colors that will be selected for the banner must be bright to attract more attention.

The store decides on using a bright yellow background for their banner. This is a color that is typically used to get attention and motorists are used to looking for yellow as they drive. This psychological ploy can work to make sure that more people will see your sign. The lettering for the sign will be black, and a red starburst effect will go around this text. This creates a way to pull the viewer's eye to the text, once they have seen the banner.

The words "Close Out Sale" will be used in a large text at the center of the banner. They will need to be large enough to be easily seen from a distance and it is a good idea to test this out before finalizing your design. The store decides to hang a sheet that is approximately the size of the banner on the roof with sample text to make sure that it will work.

Now that the main sign is complete, the designers can shift their attention to the supporting signs. Several smaller signs will be displayed throughout the store. These signs will follow the same color scheme as the large banner and promote various popular items that are on sale.

Vinyl lettering will be used, as mentioned previously, in the window of the store. Specific items that are on sale will be advertised here, such as "All Sweaters - 85% Off." Several different items can be highlighted in this way, which can effectively move more products. These letters will be in bright yellow to complete the theme that was started with the large banner.