The Grand Opening

There are several ways that your company can utilize large banners. If you have a big event coming up, you may need to use a big banner to draw attention to it. This example will illustrate how a company can use a large banner to promote the grand opening of their store. Every step, from selecting the size banner that will be used, to the actual design process will be covered.

This sample store is a new craft store that is owned by a local family. It is not a member of a chain and as such, does not have the support that a larger company can provide when it comes to promotion. Their advertising budget is limited, leaving them to make a decision. How will they let people know about their new store?

A large banner is likely the most cost effective method of advertising a new store. This will allow the company to attract a large amount of people. Instead of relying on print advertisements, people passing by will automatically see the sign, whether they read the local papers or not.

The location for this new business is quite large, and the front overhang is over fifty feet long. This gives the craft store the opportunity to a banner that is very large, and will allow them to put more information about their grand opening on the sign.

The size of the banner will be twenty feet in length. This will leave approximately fifteen feet of unused space on either side of the banner, making the overall presentation balanced and attractive. The company will work hard to make sure that the sign is centered exactly so that the remaining area will form a natural frame around the banner.

Since this banner is so large, the design process will be more difficult. It can be very hard to judge just how a large sign will look when you are viewing it on your computer screen. To make this process easier, the company has decided to purchase a large sheet of paper that is exactly the same size as the finished banner will be. All of the design elements will be added to this sheet of paper so that they can get a visual idea of how the finished product will look. This large sheet of paper will be hung where the finished banner will be displayed. This will also give the owners an opportunity to make sure that the text can be easily read from many different angles and from far away.

Now that these considerations have been covered, the actual design process can begin. The mapping out on the sheet of paper has given the designer an idea of what size text will need to be used. The phrase, Grand Opening will go in the center of the banner, since this is the anchor text. The name of the store will be placed over this phrase. On the diagonal, in the corners of the sign, the messages, "Locally Owned" and "Take a look inside!" will be displayed.

The color scheme of the banner will be simple, with a white background and green text. Medium sized craft-related graphics will be used throughout the banner to tie the whole theme together. This finished product should effectively advertise their new store and help attract new customers.