The Holiday Sale

The holidays are typically the best time for retailers to promote their products. Consumers are used to holiday shopping and gifts for everyone are typically on their minds. To take advantage of this season, it is a good idea for a store to hold a special event.

This special event will need to be advertised in a way that will attract the most people. Banner advertising is an effective way to economically get the word out about your sale, even if you do not select to use other forms of advertising.

This example will show how a company can hold a special event sale after Thanksgiving to prepare for the coming Christmas holiday. This event will be promoted using a large vinyl banner as well as a small banner that will be displayed outside of the store's location. Since this store is located inside of a busy mall, this method of advertising will work to attract people from many locations throughout the mall.

The large banner will be used to attract people walking through the mall and will be visible from the main entrance to the shopping center. This will allow the store to capture people's attention right when they walk in, and from a distance.

A small banner will be displayed in a banner stand, right outside of the door to the store. This will allow people who are walking under the banner, and cannot see it, to be able to see that the store is holding a sale. By using more than one type of sign, this store can be assured that they will attract more people to their event.

Since this is a holiday event, colors that are typically seen in this season will be used. The background for both banners will be in red, and the text will be in green and white. Small holiday graphics will be used to further illustrate the season.

The small banner will have pictures items that are available in the store. This will help customers who are out to find holiday gifts to know that your store carries items that they may be interested in. By presenting your items as gifts, even if they are traditionally used in this manner, you can increase your sales.

The large banner will also feature pictures of popular gift items as well as key information about the sale. The phrase, "After Thanksgiving Gift Blowout" will be used to advertise the event. A smaller version of this phrase will also appear on the smaller sign to tie the two together.

A secondary phrase, "This Weekend Only" will be used on both banners, at the bottom of the signs. This will entice customers to come in to the store so that they don't miss out on the items that are on sale. By using both signs to promote the store's merchandise as gifts, the store can target customers who are already in the mood to purchase gifts and create new and lasting customers after these purchases.