Using Banners to Sell Products

Many music bands typically offer products, such as CD's or tapes of their music. Instead of relying on word of mouth in a crowd after a performance, a banner can be a great way to highlight these products, making them more visible. This example will show how a band can use a banner to promote their CD's as well as other merchandise.

This band is a very popular rock band that is well known in the local circuit. Their fans are mainly teenagers, who have plenty of money to burn. However, this band has noticed that no one seems to be visiting their table that is set up to showcase their CD's and merchandise.

In order to change this, they have decided to use a banner that will be hung over the table to show off these products.

The banner's color scheme is very important. First, it will need to stand out, even in conditions where there is not a lot of light. Many bars and clubs are not known for their bright atmosphere and it is important to create a banner that can be easily read or seen in near-pitch black conditions.

Other important design considerations include what kind of graphics to include on the banner. The band's logo should be included, and in a prominent place. However, other graphics, such as CD's or t-shirts can also be displayed to illustrate the products that are available. This can provide viewers with a visual cue as to what the sign is saying, before they even read the text.

The name of the band should be prominently displayed. The text that is used for the name should be large and easy to spot across a crowded and dark room. A catchy marketing phrase should also be used. This will reinforce the products that are displayed below the banner.

To pull all of these ideas together, the band first decides to use a banner with a white background and bright orange text. These colors are easily visible in most light conditions, which will be important if the banner is going to be displayed either indoors or outdoors. The graphics will be in black and orange and carefully positioned around the anchor text of the band's name.

The marketing message will be displayed above the name of the band on the banner. It should be in a slightly smaller font than the main message, but still easily visible from across the room. This text will also be in orange.

Now that all of the elements have been decided, they can be put together and arranged on the banner. Once the banner is ready to go, it should be hung in an area that is close to the stage, typically over a table that contains the merchandise. This will make it easier for the band to subtly point out the products and ask for the crowd's support.