Using More Than One Banner to Maximize Your Success

When you decide to use a banner to promote a sale or a specific item, you can benefit by using more than one sign. This method of marketing allows you to get your message across in several different ways, which can appeal to more customers. You can also use these banners to reinforce your message as a customer travels through your store.

Here are some examples of how multiple banners can effectively be used to promote an item.

A store hangs one large banner in their front window. This banner is being used to announce a sale on spring merchandise. The large banner will serve as the main method of attracting customers. This means that it will need to bright and colorful, and get the message across effectively. A general marketing message, such as 25% of all spring merchandise can be used for this banner.

Now, let's move on to the smaller banners. The store has decided to use five small banners, located throughout the store. Instead of repeating the design on each sign, each one will be different. The first sign is advertising spring golf shirts. A picture of the golf shirt will be used, as well as the message that all spring merchandise is 25% off. This sign will be displayed in front of the golf shirts.

The next sign will be used to advertise spring dresses. Several colorful dresses will be shown on this sign, as well as the sale message. It will be located in front of the display of spring dresses.

Our third sign will be used to promote spring sandals. This sign will be located in front of the shoe area and will display several different styles of sandals and the sale message. This sign should be located not necessarily in front of just the sandals, but at the entrance to the shoe area.

The fourth sign will be used to sell spring coats. The most popular spring coat will be shown on the sign and a 25% message will be displayed once again. This sign will be placed in front of all of the coats, at the entrance to the coat department.

The fifth sign will be used to draw all of these elements together. Pictures of the golf shirts, spring dresses, coats and sandals will be combined onto the one sign, along with the promotional message.

This sign will be placed at the front entrance of the store. This will be the second sign that the customer sees, assuming that they noticed the large banner in the window. It will be used to reinforce the first message and provide visual cues for the sale items.

The other four signs will then be used as further reinforcements of the sale items and as informational or directional signs.