Where to Display Your Promotional Banners

Promotional banners are commonly used as a main marketing weapon to attract new customers. The positioning of these banners is essential to their success. Whether you have ordered a large banner, or a small banner, the placement of this sign is very important.

You will first need to take a look at your location. Where is your business situated on the street? Are there other businesses nearby that draw more attention than yours? These factors will determine where you will place your banner. If your store is one of many on a block, you will need to make sure that your banner is placed in a location that will draw the most attention.

If you plan to hang your banner, take a walk outside your location. Imagine where your banner will be located and see how far away it will be visible. Walk on the other side of the street and drive past your location. Are there any spots where it cannot be seen, or that it is partially obscured? If there are more than just a few minor viewing issues, you may need to rethink your installation site.

A promotional banner that is being used to promote one event should be located in a prominent spot. Since no one item is being promoted on this sign, you will have more options as to where it will be located. Typically, this type of banner is used in the front of a store, in a window or on the roof in front of the entrance.

A hanging banner will require enough space to ensure that it will hang properly. In addition, the surface that will be holding the banner up will need to be strong enough to provide support. For example, if the surface outside of your building is brick, will the brick withstand drilling holes for brackets? If a bracket comes out of the wall, your banner may crash to the ground. While a vinyl banner can't cause much injury, it is still important to make sure that it is secure.

If you do not have a place to hang a large banner, you can install it directly onto the surface by drilling holes to match the grommets on the banner. Screws can then be inserted through the grommets to attach the banner to the wall. Again, make sure that the surface can support several holes and the weight of the banner.

Smaller banners can be situated in the front of your store, or directly in front of a product that they are promoting. You can hang a smaller banner just a like a large banner, or you can use a banner stand to display the sign. If you plan on using a banner only briefly, a banner stand is very useful for a temporary display.

If possible, the use of more than one banner can maximize your success. You can install these banners in different locations around the inside of your store as well as the outside to attract more attention to your event or the product you are promoting. You can use one large banner to get someone's attention and then several small banners to reinforce your marketing message.